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What if the afterlife means living in a room without electricity, with a loved one (maybe your two year-old son, or your girlfriend of six years, or your grandmother) sleeping? You can stare as long as you want. You can't touch anything. You don't have the sense of smell or taste. You hover. The room, apparently, is locked from the other side. You couldn't jump from the windows, in the same way that role playing games prohibit you to do so, only this time there is no mission, no objective, or maybe there is, but you will never have an idea. Time is suspended. There is no key. There is no deadline. Your loved one sleeps soundly, without any interruptions. No murmurs, no sleeptalking. The windows afford you a view of a cloudless sky and a bright moon. The light slanting through the window casts a silhouette on the floor, which hits your loved one's cheeks. You see nameless stars glimmer from a distance, houses without electricity, without movement. You hear cats meowing, fucking each other from your neighbor's roof.