Dead Father

63 Objects Taken From My Son's Mouth

"In common with all new parents, the birth of my first child in April 2011 changed many things in my life. One of those changes has been the way I and others think about my career as an artist..."

"I will undergo this self-imposed artist residency in order to fully experience and explore the fragmented focus, nap-length studio time, limited movement and resources and general upheaval that parenthood brings and allow it to shape the direction of my work, rather than try to work 'despite it'."

- from Artist Residency in Motherhood by Lenka Clayton


Amok is a masterpiece as a seamless patchwork of narratives, and is noteworthy in its use of atmosphere (that noisy, disconcerting EDSA heat that sticks skin to clothing). Ang Huling Araw ng Linggo reminds me of the Cinemalaya back when indie wasn't hip--excessively sentimental scenes, poignant scriptwriting, low-res cinematography. Gravity isn't about space exploration as it is about a woman's thrilling journey, but why should it be set in space?