Back burners

  • Pinning tabs on Chrome may be the virtual equivalent of putting things on the back burner, but it feels nasty to eventually populate your browser's menu bar with these little to-do's and must-reads. So I'm putting it here:
  • From an iPod note, March 9: “I think about death every single day. It's not normal. It's unhealthy. I wish I were more oblivious about it. Weeks ago, I had to come up with a 600-word article about the birth of stars and during my research, learned about how it ends. [Death] comes up in even the slightest hints in fiction, at any time of the day. from Donald Antrim's The Afterlife, to Donald Barthelme's Paradise and even now, in John Updike's Rabbit, Run." 
  • "People give them many different names. But in themselves, they have no names. When you are thinking, all things have different names and different shapes. But when you are not thinking, all things are the same. There are no words for them. People make the words. A cat doesn’t say, ‘I am a cat.’ People say, ‘This is a cat.’ The sun doesn’t say, ‘My name is sun.’ People say, ‘This is the sun.’" link
  • I'm not a sneakerhead, but if I were one, I'd spend a king's ransom for this pair of Lanvins.
  • A review of Thomas Piketty's groundbreaking book, Capital in the 21st Centurymade perfect sense.