Ever since I graduated from college I only had two major purchases: a pair of Superga sneakers (thanks to a 20% off on its price tag) and two sets of Ball mason jars (50% off at True Value). The latter is comparably unselfish, albeit a case of hoarding; the former I considered a gift to myself, since my Onitsuka Tiger sneakers gave up on me after three years of constant wear and tear.

Then I found myself still reeling from a Crumpler bag I bought two weeks ago, at Beyond The Box Centris. Blame the saleslady: I went inside to ask if the store also had a service center of sorts, like the one they had in Greenhills. She said no: they only act as a reseller for fools like me who would comb through the shelves, the type whose hands fumble about while asking uninteresting questions. So there I was, checking out the Crumpler messenger bag and casually asked for the price. Lo and behold, it's on sale. "All Crumpler bags are on 50% off, sir."

Maybe I should have been contented with the fact that I don't really give a fuck about stores in Centris. (Save for Echo Store--which sells Theo & Philo chocolate bars.) Maybe traipsing all over their vast grounds was a bad idea. I was faced with a parade of excuses and justifications: The store was about to close at 9PM. I needed a bag that has both form and function, since wearing a big, bulky North Face backpack for years has given me the look and reputation of someone who pitches a tent at Ayala Triangle whenever one pleases.

After a few days I have finally convinced myself (and my wife) that it's actually a pretty good deal. Crumpler bags have a lifetime warranty. The one I bought, Cut of Horror, is waterproof; the straps are unusually comfortable even if unpadded, and it's surprisingly roomy despite its slim and stylish appearance. (It can fit a Lenovo Thinkpad T440, a couple of gadgets, chargers, notebooks, two paperbacks, a lunchbox, and an extra shirt, among other misc items.) And it's also sturdier and sleeker than *ahem* Herschel.

Here's to hoping this would be my last major purchase for the year. Kampai!