• "Staffage is the little people, or sometimes animals, in a landscape painting, there to give it scale or liveliness but not portrayed for their own sake. A shepherd or soldier off in a field somewhere is staffage, or bricklayers on the Tower of Babel, or CGI coffee-drinkers strolling delightedly through a lobby in an architectural rendering. Karel van Mander, the Vasari of the north, called these figures “storykins” (Dutch storykens): “little stories” to animate the scenery and bring it to life." link
  • The debate on More Than vs. Over. link 
  • A refresher course on grammar. link
  • Because I start my sentences with "I" a tad too often, revisiting an article I read about priming sentences: "Being an expert writer isn't just about forming the technical guts of a good sentence. It's also about figuring out how to hew serviceable planks in one set of tasks and then, in other duties, build syntactic confections that don't taste like wood." link
  • "There is no throwing away. This is going to catch up to us. If people start buying wild fish and only use the fillet, it will be crazily expensive. But if you start to use the whole entire animal, even the head and the skin, what is expensive? Expensive for me is not how much I pay—it’s how much I throw away of an ingredient." link