Herbstmeer VII (Autumn Sea VII)

Bewegtes Meer (Rough Sea)

Meer Mit Helvioletter Wolke (Sea with Mauve Cloud)

Tropensonne (Tropical Sun)

Intrigued by Emil Nolde from an article from New Yorker: the Anti-Modernists. Realized how horrible it should be for Emil, what with 1,052 of his works considered Degenerate Art during Hitler's time. Herbstmeer VII is turbulent; it's a painting I could stare at for a long time. Bewegtes Meer is very psychedelic. Meer Mit Helvioletter Wolke is fragrant and floral, a predecessor of Marimekko prints. Tropensonne has an eerie resemblance to the Japanese flag--was this about World War II in the Pacific? (A stupid question, since each work of art produced during the 1940's will always be about the war.) These seascapes reminds me of Derek Walcott, of how he described the sea in a million ways, having been born and lived in the island of St. Lucia ("a poet who comes to consciousness on a small island"). Weekend had me watching an NHK documentary about a herd of cows who miraculously survived the March 2011 tsunami. As the Japanese are wont to do, their take is very animistic, attributing everything to a "chain of life" that a number of elementary students must do. I find it overly sappy and melodramatic.