In this day and age, "for later reading" almost always means "to hell with it," or the more fatalist "if it's meant to be read, I will have the time to read it." Hence, a label solely dedicated to pinned tabs, which will most probably surpass all the labels in this blog.
How to describe my life this month: hell. We've just won two food brands that we've pitched for last week. I've filed my resignation after accepting a job offer in Ortigas, after bouts of anxiety. I've failed to attend a christening after a seven-hour commute, thanks to Typhoon Lando. Coming up: attend a semi-Chinese wedding and a much-awaited staycation at a boutique hotel in Pasig, among other things!

Ending this post with an added layer of throwback: this is the post I wrote after accepting the job offer at the company I'm about to leave. "A little uncertainty is fine," it said. The same line goes well to all the decisions I'm about to make. Cheers!