How To Stop Writing Fiction

Yamashita Sakurajima

In every new job, in every day and month and year are promises, big and small, on accomplishing things: Duolingo tutorials; Coursera classes on Kant and Rousseau; books about memory, about Armenia; articles pinned on browsers, or saved on Instapaper; short story ideas that have yet to be written. The heft of all these came from equal parts of wanting to become an autodidact, of trying to seize the day, of dreaming about living every day with a feeling of progress, of unwritten achievements.

Joseph Yoakum

Life is not about completion as it is about attempts. 

Adolf Wölfli
What I think is enchanting about history is its seemingly complete narrative--only it is an illusion borne out of the human penchant to make sense of the unfinished, to piece together fragments and treat them as an organic whole.