The gaping hole at the heart of EDSA-Ortigas

A handful of distressed old men and women ask for help about the basics.

An old woman, distressed by her smartphone: "Why wouldn't all my Notes sync? It said 16 when I have 38!"

The technician sulked as he was trying to assist an old couple in adding people on Facebook. The woman was bewildered when, searching for someone, two people bearing the same names popped up. "How could I be sure that this was my friend?"

A woman: "Just who in their right mind would manage to check the left speaker and forgot about the right one? Can I talk to your supervisor?"

Another woman: "Can't we just create a new ID? Would it erase it all?"

A mother with a baby: "Restore? How? This is from my mother in law, she's senile and I'm sure there's no way for her to remember the secret answer to the secret question."

Weeks ago, my three year-old son made a password he himself couldn't remember. Oh, kids. "And there's virtually no way to retrieve the photos? All those selfies he accidentally made--gone forever? And what about the files stored in your old laptop?"

I asked my wife: "Where would it go when we sell it?"