Part of my (new) job is to cover events for social media accounts, so naturally I had to take some photos with a DSLR. I spent an hour last Thursday skimming through the photos, laughing heartily and wondering what the hell was going on with my photos. Maybe my company should hire an event photographer moving forward?

But if I have to select a photo that would best describe my 2015, maybe an image from the same photo album would fit the bill?

Also, a list of resolutions, in no particular order:
  • Revive my Twitter account both for work- and life-related reasons
  • Read, read, read more books, hopefully with writing better as a goal
  • Read less stupid online articles (Esquire is leading in this list)
  • Buy and read books written by Filipinos
  • Eat more greens, less meat stews and greasy shit (workable, since I know I've succeeded in feeling invariably guilty with the idea of pigging out at any fastfood chain)
  • Hang out with people who are sportif, or if not, subsist on seven-minute exercises
  • Another kind of exercise I should do often: French exercises on Duolingo
  • For the love of mankind, make a zine
  • Come up with new ideas for blog posts
  • Publish more posts for haiku, pinned tabs, things I wished I bought, anthropology, and web exploration