Reader #21

Someone's reading a Brandon Anderson who looked like my orgmate in college, only stockier. The book, Hero of Ages, looked more erotic than it should be: empires, the Lord Ruler, something about its cover that's just suggestive and erotic. The man boards at North Ave, earphones plugged in his ears, and with a pair of eyeglasses he reads the book. He wears this gray sport shirt, the kind my Dad wears every weekend with his bike, the kind where sweat escapes faster, thanks to its fabric. A black messenger bag slung on his shoulder, on his wrist was a bracelet with a large green stone surrounded by black and ochre beads. Very meaningful. I looked up at the cover and wondered why every paperback is a New York Times' bestseller. He regularly shifts his arms to bear the train's inertia. He put his book back in his bag and alight the train at Ortigas station.


She sobs at the hotel bathroom, hand clutching purse. White marble.


You had to wipe something off of the dining table surface (a miso-garlic vinaigrette), and you couldn't see anything within reach other than a copy of the zine you made years ago.

Item #2

Polo from Gap
Original price: PHP 3,300
Discounted price: PHP 1,400
I'm a big fan of patterns, but even the large size doesn't have a snug fit.

Dirty feet

You know you're becoming an adult when you're slowly realizing the fact that you can't please everybody.

First Encounter with a Fennel

Its fronds bear a strong resemblance with the hair of a month-old baby, thin, fragile hair-like needles blooming from the bulbous head. When pressed in a plastic container, fennel felt like fine, green hay, a comforting blanket for my fingers. (Come to think of it: it would be nice to sleep on a bed made out of fennel fronds.) Its smell was refreshing--a cross between spearmint and chive. The stalks snap when bent, and when chewed, had the flavor of licorice, or the subtle freshness of a Doublemint.


I long meanwhile for the confines of any other
principality, but can’t abandon
working even if I wanted to, it’s like play to me
though I get no pleasure from it
except pausing at odd moments to watch the rill for a
few seconds,
and then it’s back to work again, more work, lots of
it, and the pollution
- from Flow Chart, by John Ashbery

Thinking of Empire

An empire, I read somewhere,
Maintains itself through
The cruelty of its prisons.
- from January, by Charles Simic

On disruptive tech

Many of the disruptive technologies we studied never surpassed the capability of the old technology. It is the trajectory of the disruptive technology compared with that of the market that is significant. 

- from Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave by Joseph L. Bower and Clayton M. Christensen <link>