Reader #21

Someone's reading a Brandon Anderson who looked like my orgmate in college, only stockier. The book, Hero of Ages, looked more erotic than it should be: empires, the Lord Ruler, something about its cover that's just suggestive and erotic. The man boards at North Ave, earphones plugged in his ears, and with a pair of eyeglasses he reads the book. He wears this gray sport shirt, the kind my Dad wears every weekend with his bike, the kind where sweat escapes faster, thanks to its fabric. A black messenger bag slung on his shoulder, on his wrist was a bracelet with a large green stone surrounded by black and ochre beads. Very meaningful. I looked up at the cover and wondered why every paperback is a New York Times' bestseller. He regularly shifts his arms to bear the train's inertia. He put his book back in his bag and alight the train at Ortigas station.