Smitten about kittens

From the FX a man was walking by the sidewalk, exhausted by the scorching weather, the kind that’s humid even after sunset. He found this kitten that's about to get through the grills on the foot of a bungalow gate, and he used his feet to slowly shove the kitten back to its place. Then he moved on; he walked slowly past the house. His face had a palpable sense of wonder about the kitten, as if he’s considering the options of taking care of the kitten or petting it for a few minutes.

On the same afternoon, about thirty minutes apart, the driver had to hit the brakes, step down from his jeepney, and after a moment, disappeared as he squatted by the bumper. We first thought that maybe it was a mechanical problem, a case of radiator overheating, simmering and chugging out smoke? until he gently whisked a feeble kitten away from McArthur Highway, plopped it along the sidewalk, crossed the road back to the jeepney and sped as if nothing happened.