I'm trying to be happy even after I:
  • woke up at 3AM yesterday morning after knocks of the apartment caretakers--there was flood outside, and though we don't have to panic, it's best to put all our stuff--our flip-flops outside included--on elevated ground (the bed), so we packed everything for five minutes (a record breaker for my wife and I)
  • had to miserably put up with the flood creeping in our bedroom
  • had to go straight from Terminal 3 to the authorized repair center--this was three days after I accidentally slipped on the bow of the boat in El Nido, which soaked my smartphone deep in saltwater
  • knew the exorbitant price I had to pay
  • embarked on the said trip to the authorized repair center on a gloomy Tuesday afternoon, with son in tow, without any thought of bringing an umbrella (when will I ever learn?)
  • clumsily handled my ice cream cone and stained my shirt; this made me look glum for the rest of the rainy afternoon, no umbrella, with son in tow, both shirt and shorts stained
  • waited for a total of thirty minutes to find a taxi in Greenhills, found none, asked my son repeatedly if he's okay (thankfully he is, and he was fine throughout the day, and this was the only redeeming factor: my son is okay)
  • realized how GrabTaxi is just so fucking convenient at times like these
  • was shortchanged by fifty pesos by the taxi driver because I was just too lazy to get to the nearest ATM and give him the exact amount
  • realized how fifty pesos felt like a king's ransom now that I had to eke out my monthly salary, thanks to the smartphone-in-saltwater incident
  • have read and reread all these; if it weren't for the LEGO-themed decors and tables at SM Makati where my son had been genuinely happy, I would probably have no reason to celebrate.