Heavy water

  • I'm sure I'm wrong to think so, but I think of house blessings as events for people to reassess their status in life. So I thought of signing up for a gym subscription to use a treadmill for a month because, fuck, I'm getting really fat.
  • I sprayed a magnesium formula on my eyebrows and it felt as numb as it was when you smoke marijuana. 
  • One of the many appliances that formed my college life with my then-girlfriend: the electric water heater. Its lethal convenience perfectly described my college life. You fill a bucket of water and place it before plugging it in. It heats the water in ten minutes. It heated a thousand buckets for those mornings where I needed hot water, mornings so cold you can cuddle-fuck for days with your girlfriend. It used to sit beside the rice cooker on the foldable table.
  • I woke up at 3AM with an alarm. The night before, I thought of addressing my body clock as my guardian angel, as I used to when I was younger.
  • The second bullet reminds me of the song 'Heavy Water' by Grouper.