Schedule content for ID. Wait for WhatsApp messages from A, from O. Send follow-up emails. Meet with T and H at 2:30 PM, Manila time. Print out forms for my stint with W. Pay Meralco bill for November and December. Note to self that wife will meet workmates on Monday. Fill out forms for a US VISA. Buy Delimondo for Balikbayan box. Watch We Need To Talk About Kevin. Start reading Salvador Dali autobiography. Ask C if he can ask his workmates about where to buy batteries for an antiquated film camera. Arrange meet-ups with R, with other friends. Send chili salt to J. Send pho and regards to O. Ask what O's plans are with his girlfriend. Sell the fridge to A or just give it away to someone else. Find a rent-to-own apartment. Talk to B for investment tips. Try to message Mom every day. Call sisters every weekend. Give my four year-old's spare shoes to K's son. Buy a toiletry kit for Muji--this has been in my wish list for two years. Find time to sort good books from the shitty ones in our attic. Make that zine: it's been three years. Four? Say hi to P. Get the kitchen a new tiled flooring. Sort all my desktop clutter. Get a gym subscription? Toss all our smelly clothes to the nearest laundromat. Find a school for my four-year old. Make oisobagi. Buy new mason jars for more storage. Buy stackable plastic storage boxes, or one of those commissary storage shelves.