Work is fine. It’s better than nothing. I try to think long-term, but there are days where you just want to stand up, leave the desk, go out for a walk and never come back again. It’s this day, and Friday last week, and the days before the holidays. Vast swathes of 2016. Each day is a decision a person with a certain level of maturity should make. Each day is a yes to emails, a yes to cramped spaces, to calls that could drag for hours. Each day should be greeted with a resounding yes. There are certain moments in life where living means staying where you are.

The best night I had was in a beach in Zambales: a company summer outing. On one of those two nights I was woozy and wanted to have some time to myself so I left the room with no explanations and walked towards the beach. It was almost pitch-black: you can only see the outlines of shrubs as you walk towards them. When I reached the beach it was all black save for the stars. It felt wonderful seeing stars without the noise or light pollution. I’ve seen almost the same sky at night in Cagbalete with my wife. Just breathtaking.