Online radio stations: Radio and Le Son Parisien.

Music that's not on Spotify: Ryo Fukui - Scenery and Himiko Kikuchi - For My Buddy. The latter: It's the reception song you won't ever forget.

Jonathan Balcombe, an animal behavior research scientist, claims that "elephants keep mental tabs on thirty or more compatriots. Baboons bereave the loss of an infant and seek therapy by expanding their social networks. [...] And chimps trounce humans in a short-term memory task." But in Psychology Today, Lee Charles Kelly (a dog trainer) disagrees: “Most of these statements are heavily-skewed, ideological interpretations of data, not facts. And I think they can and should be looked at from a more parsimonious (and more scientific) point of view.” But I’m with Alexander Pope and Cole Swensen. Greensward is less about animal rights than about the possibility – no, the actuality -- of awakening through “a delta of nerves and rift.” link

Four days after losing Sean, I miscarried in a Bangkok hotel room. I was terrified; I had desperately wanted that baby. Losing it meant losing my last piece of Sean. link


The most voracious readers I know don't wait until the perfect serene moment to pick up a book...they read while waiting for the toaster to finish.