Butter Driver

David Hockney. Pearblossom Hwy, 11-18th April 1986. I imagine how humid it is just by looking at the photo - perhaps because of the textures.
  • Come to think of it, Martin Parr's pictures has the quality of pictures taken by grainy photographers. This column made me realize it: the photos had this certain resemblance, air, a certain brand of awkward.
  • Father John Misty's Instagram is amazing, but unfortunately he closed it down.
  • "I sometimes think selfies are a kind of inquiry to discover new facets of self, or who one can perform - even a test of reality."
  • Dreamed that I got out of an MRT that crashed to the ground right before it exploded.
  • When Christian Dior commissioned a music video with Depeche Mode's Enjoy the Silence in Versailles.
  • Music that's not on Spotify: Satellite Young's Sanfrantokyo (which I'm sure my wife would love so much) and Happy End's Natsu Nandesu. Actually, this music blog has it all.
  • Two poems: Failure by Ellen Bass and Crush by Ada Limon.
  • David Hockney review in the Guardian.