• You're just cute. Like crumpled paper. Like the orange tip of Elmer's Glue smothered on glass.
  • Never have I thought of comparing a deed to snorkeling. I even said it felt liberating.
  • My two officemates thought of the closing performance as a bummer. I thought it was the kind of performance an old matron would conjure up to impress the mayor. 
  • I had to point out that the value of taking up a course on humanities isn't really obvious at first sight: it's not about stroking your beard for obscure critical theories, for example. I said theories were nothing but a naming convention. At the end of the day, humanities make you human - and make your decisions, whether business-related or otherwise, humane and informed. The field also has the humility to entertain another perspective: it basks in plurality of meaning, in the pointlessness of rhyming schemes, or in the relative importance of symbolism. At the end of the day, it's about guiding people to live a fuller life - or lives, as you would when reading books.