Readers #22-27

Woman reading The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Wearing Nike soccer shirt, alternating blue and red striped design, maong, black handbag slung at shoulders, pearl earrings. Standing at the aisle. Flipping pages to and fro; must have been a requirement from a class? Looks at her wristwatch: 9:24 AM, the sun up, the day about to get hot.

At the bus an old man with salt and pepper hair reads a tabloid: "Hindi ako pababayaan ni Lord" - Ara Mina, the headline reads, among other showbiz tidbits. Also flipping pages, this time stares at the Komiks section. The rest are either playing Candy Crush, texting or staring outside, at the not-yet-developed part of Susana Heights. OPM blaring at bus speakers. As soon as the bus reaches the bridge one of the seated woman leans to look at the SLEX, probably to check the traffic situation. With the bus lacking curtains, the passengers at the right side get much of the sunlight; some brought jackets, bandannas and what have you to keep themselves from being burned.

A Storm of Swords by George RR Martin in front of us; the woman sitting beside me had just opened a newly purchased book (Php 350) from natl bookstore; it resides on her lap; she was still mulling over things, resting, planning her holy week, etc.

She opened it at the table of contents, then, notes from two authors, and to the end, about the authors (one has a surname Ellis, author of Now Write! Sherry Ellis and Laurie Lamson at the note). It's a book about how to write. She wears a ring on her right ring finger, a wristwatch on her left, earphones plugged. Black hair. Bound for College, probably from UPLB. In her early thirties. Of Chinese descent.

Man my age reads a stiff, new copy of 1984 by George Orwell. Collared Regatta polo.

The other day was this man sitting in front of me, at the bus from Laguna reading LOTR: The Two Towers, wearing Under Armour.