Why do I find these women
enchanting? a philosopher
on risk-taking dying while taking risks.

a world-record freediver who dies diving
in deep sea, body never found.

The list could go on, probably.
I couldn't blame them.

Maybe it's the ultimate bliss:

for what you believe in, doing
what pleases you?

if the freediver had a black box, would she say she wished
she didn't dive that summer day?

had the philosopher known she would drown
saving children, would she think it's worth the risk?

did they die wanting to go back in time, stomach squirming
in regret?

I didn't know my friend was tasked
to design the ICU unit

where she would die

had she known,
would she sketch those tiny little rooms

in between big rooms to act as buffer? would she install windows
to let light in to touch her face?

would she name the rooms the way
they named her?