March 12, 2014

had tried and rejected as a grown-up and had consigned, perhaps foolishly, to the compost heap of history
My only gripe would be the absence of oyster gelato
their predilections are as rooted as redwoods, as fixed as eye color
so, miraculously, did papayas. They became dirty socks with blissful associations: a whole new hosiery.
But it emerged as a fine-dining staple, so he muscled through his negative feelings
seats sagged like the jowls of a bulldog
a prowling cat appeared to be hunting mice
a buxom girl with the scrappy features of a prizefighter, seemed to have tacitly agreed to flirt
were dressed for a parade—many ribbons, much brass, and some wore gleaming, improbable swords strapped to their belts
hair that had a dark shine, lips the color of pimientos, eyes like sherry
sloshing earthen jars of water and furrily squalling “Agua! Agua!”
the doctor went so solidly to sleep that a fly meandered undisturbed over his openmouthed face. Stillness etherized the whole train
 the lovely girls leaned against one another loosely, like six exhausted geraniums
thinking of this when, without preface, a spatter of gunfire strafed the dozy silence
The result was slapstick in a grim key
hiked up her skirts and dropped a pearl-studded comb into her bloomers
The train moved on so slowly that butterflies blew in and out the windows
a subterranean den of wood panelling and curated kitsch
a smoked-catfish-and-pork spread that sounds horrible but tastes wonderful as a dip for market crudités
dipped into a galangal sauce, and popped into your mouth
Two innocent-looking dishes vie for the title of spiciest
 coconut-milk dressing, with a slow-building, long-lingering burn
In spite of the owners’ serious culinary pedigree
The room has a by now familiar louche appeal (peeling paint, tin ceiling), but haphazardness is less charming from a bartender
expands its menu to serve lipsmacking Taiwanese cuisine
He said, “Jay,” then, “Guess who’s sick?,” then blinked and concluded, “Murray Cutler.”
could not turn away from my mother’s imploring face
behind a glass partition with a slid-aside window opening onto a counter, like someone selling bus tickets
 His head was canted to the side
there remained in his shrunken body a distinct intelligence, like an intimation of heat
young woman from his office had followed and cowered next to him
Mimi nyama, wewe kisu
 they’d scoot over and hold on to one another, all mashed cheek to jowl like puppies in a box
This sixty-page, plainspoken story benefits from a kind of understatement
they are a mutually supportive trio of strivers, musketeering their way toward a kind of art celebrity
provides a two-page pen-and-ink map of Falls, population currently six thousand,
 the author has a mostly plausible verbal gusher
has more or less forsaken the big city for the small town
generally talks with the kind of heightened articulacy one finds in people possessed of artistic temperament rather than talent
 A fat feline nuzzles his leg in a self-portrait
hobnobbed with the literary and artistic élites
learned to soft-pedal the latter quality after his first gallery
have become period curios
that picture proves to be a minor skirmish in an amazingly varied and sustained assault on the complacencies of common sense
as a pioneer in the new world of forthrightly irrational, waking dreams
Brits who want access to the seamier corners of the Internet
 like the most determined bridesmaid at a bouquet toss
People’s youthful quirks can harden into adult pathologies
can claim to be officially, absolutely and at long last back in the animation saddle
ramen amped up with pats of butter and a whisper of soy
Some stipulations: First, miso-aged egg yolk
will thicken slightly and take on a deep satin brown.
his paper only rubber-stamped a raft of commercial products already on the market
most diverse and brassiest city in the country
the black and white of winter blasted away by intense, saturated hues.
corrupt, exiled and jailed are all common collocates (of oligarch)
behind London’s Daily Mail, with its celebrity gossip and abundant cleavage
millions of meaningless cacophonies, verbal farragoes, and babblings
and then to flank it with “No Trespassing” signs.
sales consist mainly of collections of ornate furnishings and bibelots for well-heeled apartments
elevating it from pedestrian fast food to something worth sitting down and waiting for
a thrilling departure from the usual mush of grilled veggies
The red quilted-leather banquettes make not cuddling a near-impossibility, and, in a nod to the date-heavy clientele
 you fear that someone might actually bust out some rose petals. But all this studied sexiness is diminished
It might have pleased Kelley, who gloried in being an underdog and chafed at his international fame as the artist laureate of the punk generation
grew up in a suburb of Detroit and marinated in the music scene that gave the world Iggy and the Stooges. He brought west with him a bitterly humorous, worm’s-eye view
Quaking sensitivity and a rigorous intellect inform the work, which resolves the Warholian conundrum of high versus low by embracing the irredeemably squalid
upended the dewy narcissisms of hippies
tapped a brackish geyser of blue-collar humor by filling art spaces with the sorts of raucously obscene cartoons that adorn garage offices
Shelia’s sap coursed with intent
year of wasted pollen, of the gentle yellow cloud that fell from her, only to be assailed by street sweepers
Summer jobs are often romantic; the time frame creates a perfect parenthesis
routine seemed Sisyphean at first
This close shave made me wonder
was “kind of cute,” and the project was green-lighted
to keep me in the vague distance—a bushel of blond hair at a piano
Periodically, I’d be called back to the set, to mime seasonal enthusiasm
always on the qui vive for employment