In every Crystal Castles album, there's always one or two instrumental tracks that feel like it's part of a longer clip. In the self-titled album back in 2008, there was "Tell Me What To Swallow"; in their second album, it's "I am Made of Chalk"; in their third album, it's "Child, I Will Hurt You". In their most recent album, Amnesty, aside from "Their Kindness Is A Charade" is "Teach Her How to Hunt", a clip so aural and raw it gives me goosebumps. It laid down a background of scratchy excerpts - of a woman shouting (the typical shout from any Crystal Castles song), of animal-like growls? - that retreats when a Tim Heckeresque kind of drone creeps in, reaching full crescendo before it crashes - cymbals and car crash - towards the end of the song. I love how this song hints at something grave and tragic in less than two minutes.