Bo's on a Sunday

View of the Interior of Luzon Island, Philippine Islands. From World Digital Library
I'm the person who just couldn't stand staying in one spot for a day. It irritates me. My feet would want to go somewhere different. Coffee shops on a Sunday are wonderful. At Bo's Coffee, there's a woman in her late seventies sitting at my favorite spot - the one to my left - who looks quite like my wife's grandmother, with shades on, looking broodingly towards Glorietta 4. She's the person you'd want to talk and know what she's thinking about. She looked like she could crush a lit cigarette in one palm, although later she would look the contrary, when she put down her sunglasses to talk to someone over the phone. She looked downcast. Another old man at the far end of the cafe, with visibly silver beard and salt and pepper hair with an Adidas cap, tinkers with his smartphone. There's an older couple across me, about late-fifties, reading Manila Bulletin. A younger couple, probably about to be wed, meets an events organizer who's in charge of the catering. (The talk about alcoholic matcha made me think that maybe the caterers operate a mobile bar?) It turned out the grandparents across where I'm sitting is one of the younger couple's parents. Everything is so slow, so laid-back: no one's rushing to the bus stop. No one's late or in a hurry. Sugarfree plays on - mostly acoustic. Then: Barbie's Cradle, which brings me back to sixth grade and those summer days when we would rent a pool in Pandi, and the entire afternoon all I would do is swim. My sister and her friends would stay glued to the TV for Tabing Ilog. I wouldn't worry about anything.