we sold all our possessions
except for a vial of the smell of hot showers in the bathroom
(metallic, warm and low sillage) with the shower head now plucked and auctioned.

we laid on the bare floors - no carpets or cords,
no scurrying roaches, all drab and dust
and footprints fading, and a bag of used clothes.

the rooms are all soaked in the natural light - the curtains
have been folded and given away to relatives in the province.
we threw the windows open to let it breathe.

there were no buzz or hums one is used to hear in a household.
you can make out the faces on the ceiling
and see slugs crawling down empty electric sockets.

soon birds chase each other as they hover and flutter around the rooms.
then the homeless, shaking from the cold. wrapping poop in newspaper.