If there's one album that keeps me company on the gloomiest of days, it's Radio Department's "Pet Grief". I like how the songs of this Swedish dream pop band imports the weather of the place they came from, similar to how humid ("Pag-Agos", "Maybe") some Up Dharma Down songs can be (at least to me). At the very least, it's all about relationships that have seen better days: the first few seconds of "What Will Give" is a dialogue that foregrounds the recurring themes of love and loss throughout the album. ("Is it difficult you two being together?" / "That's wonderful. Marvelous.") "Always A Relief", about encountering someone you haven't seen for a long time, only to bring back time that felt like "it has gone to waste", is spiteful, despite its glorious opening that feels sunny and optimistic. "Gibraltar" is a spacy instrumental, one you'd definitely drink ice-cold gin-and-tonic to. The album title itself feels like an understatement of an emotional baggage, an implosion that's been kept for a long time, worn at parties, while doing chores.